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Gen Phoenix


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Gen Phoenix

First investment

May 2014


Peterborough, UK
Circular economy pioneer of sustainable leather

Generation Phoenix is the pioneer of sustainable, engineered leather. Its revolutionary process transforms leather into advanced materials while achieving a significantly lower environmental footprint. Gen Phoenix reduces waste, increases performance, and enables brands to create extraordinary products and memorable customer experiences while improving sustainability.


What value does ETF Partners' investment and hands-on involvement bring?


ETF Partners continue to be an ambitious, forward-thinking, and proactive partner.

Their initial capital investment was critical for us as we embarked on significant growth plans focused on increasing manufacturing capacity and entering new markets. They have also been a trusted advisor, providing strategic counsel that was pivotal to our development.

Gen Phoenix - sustainable luxury
ETF Partners has provided valuable support as we continue to expand to new markets. Their support was a critical driver in our efforts to scale globally and add additional consumer and automotive customers to our impressive list of brand clients.
John Kennedy CEO

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