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Patrick currently represents the firm on the Boards of Open Cosmos, Wirepas, Zeelo, and Tomorrow.
Earlier in his career, he was instrumental in founding 3i’s venture capital practice in the early 1990s. Later in the decade, he founded and was Managing Director of 3i’s Silicon Valley operation.

Between venture capital and his hobby of painting, Patrick has historically found time for a few other activities, such as starting Invest Europe’s venture capital platform and serving on its Board for a few years.

Patrick is a graduate of University College, London, where he received a Ph.D. in electronics and acted as a technical consultant to Marconi Space systems.


What is ETF Partners' approach to sustainable investment?


We started ETF Partners back in 2006 because we believed three things – that the only practical way to address climate change is through technological innovation; that Venture Capital had a role of unrecognised importance; and that, if we demonstrated its effectiveness in this arena, it could catalyse a significant shift in capital deployment towards solving climate and sustainability problems. After 18 years, we now see this happening – but there is much more to be done!