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He has spent over 30 years in High-Tech global C-Level tenures, being Global Business Unit CEO, Corporate CTO and CEO & President of the Ventures Division at Hexagon AB. Previously he was the founder & CEO of 5 companies, multi-industry.

He is graduated in Engineering and Physics and MSc in Mechatronics at the Polytechnic University of Sao Paulo and had a prior Academia technology-scientific career with various books, patents and awards.

Claudio is an avid tech-oriented business executive, serving in Boards and Advisory positions, including Hexagon AB. He also participates in different academic, scientific and industry tech-groups.


What do you believe is the most important issue that needs to be solved over the next 10 years?


It is a fact Humanity has achieved amazing things, picking ourselves out of swamp around a quarter of million years ago and succeeding in making our lives better in various aspects with a staggering wealth creation.

We grew population, productivity, wellbeing, created fantastic citizen nations, we’ve even travelled outside our own planet. But all this with a high cost to Mother Earth and our Society.

We have already depleted much of our biodiversity, our forests; polluting air, land and water even beyond planetary boundaries…and created major societal imbalances.
So, we’ve scaled our progress, but we haven’t scaled sustainably, and this is the fundamental problem to solve in the next years, before a point of no return.

For sure Technology platforms and Governance acts will be very instrumental but what is also needed is a mindset shift of all agents, civic, enterprises and governmental bodies, to really sanction and empower the change.