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Expert Opinion: Hard-to-abate industries, net zero and the role of investors


20 May 2022


Our managing partner Patrick Sheehan recently shared an insightful and frank piece with Environment Analyst discussing how public policy intervention and private sector investment can push heavy emitters towards low-carbon innovation and sustainable transformation.

Patrick articulates, “Change may be a fact of life, but it is often difficult to navigate. When it comes to the climate, our increasing emissions are creating drastic and disastrous changes to the planet. We are already witnessing the consequences, from devastating wildfires to water scarcity, stresses on food production and the loss of biodiversity. With the world facing a future crisis, one Change must be met with another. According to the IPCC, we only have until 2030 to reduce carbon emissions and limit temperature changes to below a 2°C increase. To reach this requirement, carbon dioxide emissions will additionally need to fall to net zero by 2050.

Read Patrick’s article in full on Environment Analyst HERE.