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Room for Optimism as we Enter 2023, Despite the Most Seismic Macroeconomic Challenge of the Modern Era


20 January 2023


Our managing partners Patrick Sheehan and Rob Genieser have co-authored a new article exploring what’s in store for the world of sustainability investing in 2023 and laying out their predictions for the year ahead.

Despite the most seismic macroeconomic challenge of the modern era, as we enter 2023 there is room for optimism and opportunity. As Patrick and Rob explain:

Young businesses have an advantage over established companies in these periods of uncertainty because they are able to adapt and respond to change much more rapidly if, and only if, they are managed astutely by great entrepreneurs and backed by investors who have been here before. Seasoned investors know this.

Indeed, many of them have run multiple funds through recessions and come out ahead, partly because the entrepreneurs they invest in have been able to get their hands on resources more cost-effectively than in boom times. That is why we can expect them to keep on investing through a recession; history says it is the best time to thoughtfully do so.

Read the article in full over on our Medium blog HERE.