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€8 million Series A for shipzero – sustainable logistics pioneer expands its innovative emissions cloud


28 May 2024

€8 million Series A for shipzero – Sustainable logistics pioneer expands its innovative emissions cloud

• Hamburg-based green logistics startup advances its industry-leading emissions management platform with new funding round led by ETF Partners.
• Funding will allow for accelerated international expansion and new emissions management features, including a Book & Claim solution that enables active emission reduction alongside emission accounting for all modes of transport.
• Leading companies such as Hellmann, BSH Home Appliances and the Nagel-Group rely on shipzero for emissions data and logistics compliance.

Hamburg, May 27, 2024 – Green logistics enabler shipzero today announces the successful completion of its Series A funding round, raising €8 million with investors ETF Partners, Rethink Ventures, zu na mi and Raspberry Ventures. Funds will be used to grow and accelerate its industry-leading emissions management cloud platform that tackles the urgent global issue of providing detailed emissions reporting in order to reach net-zero targets and meet regulatory requirements in hard-to-abate sectors.

New features include the Book & Claim solution, which allows companies to invest more efficiently and flexibly in effective carbon reduction measures within their transportation chain and ultimately increase the use of green fuel on transport routes.

shipzero co-founder Tobias Bohnhoff explains: “So far, the use of sustainable fuels has only been possible on certain transport routes, depending on location and availability. However, with Book & Claim, freight forwarders can bundle customer demand and refinance the targeted use of biofuels or alternatives. In return, their customers receive an independent emissions certificate that precisely records their exact emissions measure depending on the fuels used.

Today’s announcement highlights the increasing significance and market need for shipzero’s approach to addressing the climate crisis. Today, freight transportation contributes to 10% of worldwide carbon emissions, and innovations like those from shipzero are critically required for the logistics and transportation industry. The company’s advancements present a hopeful opportunity to reduce the sector’s impact on the environment substantially.

Investors ETF Partners have spent the past two decades investing in organisations that combine digital intelligence with hard-to-abate industries. Fabrice Bienfait, Senior Partner at ETF Partners, commented on the announcement: “In recent years, we’ve made significant investments in both the digital transformation of the logistics sector and the carbon emission management space. Given our proximity to these industries, we’ve identified a noticeable trend where shippers and logistics service providers now demand detailed carbon emission reports to achieve their net-zero goals and adhere to regulatory standards. The industry is quickly shifting towards employing direct emissions data from trucks, vessels, and aircraft involved in the supply chain (referred to as primary data). shipzero stands out as a leading European company in managing emissions for the logistics sector, providing an unparalleled solution that leverages this accurate primary data and is at the forefront of moving the sector forward.

Co-founder Mirko Schedlbauer commented: “We experience a high level of interest in our product since shippers and logistics service providers need reliable data on their emissions to remain competitive. There is a growing conviction that our specialised solutions will become the standard. Emissions data will ultimately be shared across companies, evaluated comparably, and calculated by high standards. Thanks to our successful financing round, we can continue to work towards this future and realise our vision of a green transport and logistics industry.


About shipzero:
shipzero is the leading data platform for effective emissions tracking and reduction in global freight transportation. Shippers, logistics service providers, and carriers use shipzero to manage transport emissions, gain CO2 transparency and pave their way towards net-zero. The Hamburg-based team combines expertise in data management, logistics and sustainability. The data platform continues to grow, currently tracking over 80 million transports across more than 100 countries.

About ETF Partners:
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