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International Women’s Day: striving to create a gender-equal world


8 March 2021


When women thrive, we all thrive. Today and every day, we celebrate the promise of International Women’s Day: striving to create a gender-equal world.

As part of our values, the ETF Partners team remains vigilant in the commitment to celebrating and highlighting gender equality in the workplace and celebrating the achievements of women. Ever-present in our actions is the sustained effort to encouraging action and behaviours that we believe will help drive diversity and inclusion in our organisation and beyond.

As an industry it is important that we continue to not only explore some of the inherent and often unconscious biases that exist, but push the envelope to embrace real change. Only by addressing this head-on will we reach our collective goal of gender equality in the workplace. This is an ongoing and fundamental exercise, but one that will bear a significant positive impact. You can read more on ETF Partners’ work in this space in our 2019 whitepaper.

So today, we applaud all the women (and men) who #ChooseToChallenge. Let’s all continue to vocalise and act on a strong commitment to advancing women across all facets of society.