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Food production, fossil fuels, and innovative entrepreneurs: ETF Partners’ dispatches from COP28


12 December 2023


The world is on the brink of a sustainability revolution, and at ETF Partners, we believe digital innovation is the key. Our latest Medium blog post dives deep into Rob Genieser’s takeaways from COP28. 🌍🚀

Reflecting on the often contentious discussions now taking place, Rob questions the role of hard to abate industries in the energy transition, how we can make food production greener, and explores the ways that startups play a vital part in creating the intelligence layer needed to produce rapid, sustainable change.

Rob shares, “Perhaps the most jarring image of #cop28, particularly for the activists and those of us with long “environmental memories,” is the block-long billboard once taken out by Exxon, promoting their sustainability credentials. You couldn’t help but think back to the Exxon Valdez oil spill, or early efforts to deny climate science, and wonder what they were doing here!

For many at COP28, they wanted to see countries agree to phase out fossil fuel usage, with the US stating that it believed that this was “largely” possible. Of course, there has been massive pushback in the last few days of COP, something that was not wholly unexpected. The energy companies themselves seem to be hoping that next generation, large scale solutions like carbon capture and storage, or production and use of hydrogen will ultimately keep them in the game.”

But, of course, there is hope. Hope that more sustainable, digitally-built solutions will offer the efficient and long-term change that we need, now.

Rob asserts this sentiment as he concludes, “At ETF Partners, we have spent the past 17 years championing digital technologies that can be quickly and efficiently deployed to transform industries and ultimately accelerate new climate-focused innovations. These solutions can be deployed quickly, have a massive impact and can be delivered at a relatively low capital cost.

We stand at the crossroads of a sustainable future, and every step we take counts. Want to join us on this journey? Dive into our blog post for a deeper understanding of the insights gleaned from #cop28 and discover how together, we can build and deliver a more sustainable future.

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