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ETF Digest

Zeelo opens the Tesco “Red Door” to staff transportation


7 June 2024


Massive congratulations to our portfolio company, Zeelo, on their innovative partnership with Tesco! 🚛 🌳

This collaboration is an excellent example of how forward-thinking companies can leverage technology and transportation to create a significant impact on the daily lives of employees while also positively impacting our environment.

Zeelo’s commuter shuttle programme has proven to be a game-changer:

⚫ 81% of colleagues said they wouldn’t be able to reach work without it.
⚫ 94% believed it improved their mental wellbeing at work.

This initiative not only facilitates smoother commutes but also enhances overall job satisfaction and mental health for Tesco employees.

🎥 If you want to know more about Zeelo and what drives their mission every day, read more and watch this insightful video HERE.

Kudos to the entire Zeelo team for this remarkable achievement. A huge thanks to Tesco for their continued trust and support in growing this impactful partnership.