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Deforestation-Free Regulation : What Fashion Brands Must Understand


27 June 2024


The European fashion industry is currently navigating a transformative period with the introduction of the new European Regulation against Deforestation and Forest Degradation. This regulation aims to promote environmentally responsible practices and ensure that the industry’s supply chains are sustainable and deforestation-free. 🌲

We are proud to highlight the efforts of our portfolio company, Fairly Made®, which has taken a proactive stance in understanding and addressing the implications of this regulation. In their latest article, Fairly Made® explores the significant impact this regulation will have on the fashion industry and offers practical insights on how fashion businesses can stay compliant while continuing to innovate.

Fairly Made’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices aligns perfectly with our mission at ETF Partners to drive positive change through impactful investments. Their blog provides a comprehensive overview of the regulation, its requirements, and actionable steps for businesses to adhere to these new standards.

We encourage you to read the full article HERE 📑

Join us in supporting sustainable fashion and the movement towards a greener future.