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What’s in store for climate tech in 2023?


9 January 2023


Our managing partners Patrick Sheehan and Rob Genieser recently spoke to Sifted to share their thoughts and predictions on what’s in store for climate tech in 2023. Coming out of a record year for European climate tech in 2022, where the sector brought in more funding than any year before, Patrick and Rob discuss how to maintain and build upon this record growth even further in 2023.

A new trend we see emerging and one which will be one of the biggest in 2023, is the need for software to provide measurement and data around sustainability; a demand for genuine data science companies to provide real meaning in the market. Take FAIRLY MADE® , they offer supply chain visibility and impact measurement for the fashion industry. Data which enables better decisions and with better decisions comes a more efficient, less carbon intense society. This information is there. It is at our fingertips and so we need to go out there and use it. Previously we have not really done this, and when we have tried, the data has not been trusted, but when we move to third party providers, we achieve accuracy, transparency and consistency and these things combined enable trust, which is critical.

Let us not forget that no matter the state of the economy, the world around us continues to change.

The climate emergency is real, it is not going away, and better models are needed to not only predict things like floods and forest fires but deal with the billions of people who will be displaced because of them. Industries that are focusing on the next five to ten years and changing the way we live, and work will have some degree of protection, and these are exactly the types of industries we expect to prosper in a recession.

— Patrick Sheehan and Rob Genieser, Managing Partners at ETF Partners.

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