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What does the ESG reckoning mean for VC?


27 June 2022


Our partner Fabrice Bienfait recently spoke to Sifted’s Freya Pratty about “What the ESG reckoning means for VC?”

In this piece, Fabrice Bienfait shares his thoughts on the need for discipline and to measure impact responsibly and appropriately when investing in startups. At ETF Partners, we’ve never wavered on our purpose and focus – our thesis remains the same; to invest and support businesses that will have a long-term impact and change the world.

As Fabrice states, “Today in climate tech, the sense of urgency and the alignment between governments, consumers, and corporates is much stronger than in 2006 during the first cleantech wave,” says Fabrice Bienfait from ETF Partners, which launched in 2006.

However, as capital gets more expensive as it did during the financial crisis of 2008, businesses with asset-heavy economic models are likely to be more exposed. This is undoubtedly one thing VCs in the cleantech era learned the hard way.

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