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UK’s largest asset inspection – Coptrz and TEXO in partnership with our portfolio company, Flyability


7 February 2024


It is always gratifying to witness our portfolio companies apply their innovative solutions to make a meaningful impact in the real world. A great example of this is a recent project by Coptrz and TEXO in partnership with our portfolio company, Flyability. Together, the companies have successfully executed the UK’s largest asset inspection.

The venue for this landmark project was none other than the Leadenhall Building. Known as one of the most iconic skyscrapers in central London, it presented an exceptional opportunity to demonstrate the potential of drone technology in industrial inspections. Using drones didn’t just facilitate a thorough inspection of this colossal structure, but it also resulted in substantial cost savings. The project saved an impressive £300,000, underlining the financial benefits of integrating advanced tech solutions into traditional processes.

This venture goes beyond showcasing the power of innovation. It highlights the importance of sustainability and how technology can contribute to greener practices. By using drones, we avoid the environmental impact associated with more traditional methods of skyscraper inspections.

Experience the ingenuity of this project firsthand by watching the video HERE.