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Rob Genieser taking centre stage in an engaging discussion with Euronews


25 April 2024


We’re excited to share a captivating moment from the #DelphiEconomicForum IX Annual Meeting, where our Managing Partner, Rob Genieser, took centre stage in an engaging discussion with Euronews amidst the breath-taking backdrop of historic Delphi, Greece.

In a conversation that spanned the transformative power of good governance and forward-thinking policy, Rob illuminated how these elements have catapulted Greece into the spotlight as a beacon for global investors, particularly those with an eye on the burgeoning tech startup scene. His insights shed light on the country’s journey towards becoming a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, fostering an environment ripe for cutting-edge ventures.

Delving deeper, Rob highlighted ETF Partners’ commitment to nurturing the growth of Greek-based companies that are making waves in their respective industries. Among these, DeepSea Technologies stands out for its innovative approach to maritime technology, while our portfolio company, Hellas Direct, is redefining the insurance landscape with its customer-centric solutions. These investments are testaments to our belief in Greece’s potential as a fertile ground for sustainable and innovative businesses.

Don’t miss the chance to watch this enlightening interview and gain a deeper understanding of Greece’s evolving investment landscape, the promising future of tech startups, and how visionary governance is shaping the country into an attractive destination for venture capital.

Watch the full interview with Symela Touchtidou here and dive into the insights HERE.