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Today’s urgent need is the opportunity: how sustainable innovation will help the world overcome the Climate Emergency


31 August 2021


We’re pleased to share Managing Partner Rob Genieser’s latest piece for Invest Europe discussing how sustainable innovation will help the world overcome the Climate Emergency.

In this personal and reflective essay Rob poignantly articulates that, “Many of us finally had the opportunity to escape on holiday over the summer, with the fully vaccinated starting to venture further afield. Our family chose Greece, which in addition to being a land of great beauty and welcoming people, is a country that has done a stellar job in addressing the pandemic. However, this summer, Greece faced a serious new challenge – an unprecedented heat wave, with temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Celsius that caused raging forest fires. Even parts of Athens itself were threatened, the closest blazes reaching its Northern Suburbs. Transport to Northern Greece was severely disrupted and the electric grid was at risk. Meteorologists appropriately named this heat dome Lucifer – and it really looked like the devil had entered paradise“.

He continues, “As a sustainable investor, I often speak about the need to take action to address the climate emergency. Here in Greece, I was given a glimpse of some of the emerging consequences for us all of what could happen if we do not. It was literally hell on earth for those in the fires’ paths, and pretty grim for those just suffering from the extreme temperatures. However, as the great Greek philosopher Sophocles once wrote, no one loves the messenger who brings bad news. So, rather than dwell on the negative, we prefer to focus on how we as investors can help the world overcome the Climate Emergency. And one way to do that is to support those applying human ingenuity to tackle great challenges, using innovative approaches underpinned by technology, as we work to protect the planet… or a local village in the Peloponnese“.

You can read the full article HERE.