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TMM, Zeelo and Hellas Direct secure spots on the prestigious Financial Times 1000: Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies list!


13 March 2024


ICYMI: We’re thrilled to share that not one, but THREE of our remarkable portfolio companies have secured spots on the prestigious Financial Times 1000: Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies list! 🏆

The Modern Milkman, a trailblazer in sustainable, local dairy delivery, has not only disrupted the traditional milkman model but has also earned a well-deserved place among Europe’s growth champions. Their commitment to reducing food waste and promoting eco-friendly practices is truly commendable.

Zeelo, another standout in our portfolio, is revolutionising transportation with innovative and dynamic solutions. From personalised shared mobility services using superior data analytics and intelligence to unique AI-powered algorithms, Zeelo is at the forefront of redefining how we move efficiently and sustainably.

Hellas Direct, the newest member of our portfolio, is developing and deploying insurance products that help people adapt to the effects of the climate crisis. A true pioneer in the insurance industry, Hellas Direct is at the forefront of innovating and delivering solutions that address the growing climate risks and urgent challenges of our time.

Earning spots on the FT 1000 is no small feat, and it’s a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit of the teams at The Modern Milkman , Zeelo and Hellas Direct. We’re proud to be part of their journey and support their vision for a more sustainable, impactful, and connected future.

Congratulations to all three companies – your success is not only a reflection of your excellence but also an inspiration to the entire ETF Partners community.

See the full list HERE.