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The critical need for a clear, common language to progress sustainable innovation


17 June 2021


Coverage update!

We’re pleased to share our Managing Partner, Patrick Sheehan’s latest piece for Invest Europe, discussing the critical need for a clear, common language to progress sustainable innovation.

According to Patrick, “Since we launched ETF Partners in 2006, we have gained quite a lot of experience in trying to communicate the potential environmental impact of the innovative companies we support. While we have improved at that over the years, it is still challenging to compare the impact of a company helping preserve biodiversity with that of a company that enables car sharing. In fact, I don’t really think we can… yet. What we can do is show why and how we think each company we support will make a positive contribution to the environment, in their own unique way.

Sheehan concludes, “I would love to see the whole private equity and venture industry take up the challenge to do the same. Not to try to achieve ‘net zero’, though to many this may feel bold. That, emotionally to me, feels like a mindset of risk reduction, whereas I think the real challenge is a viable assertion of a positive impact. If society really values our industry, and the companies we support, then we are all more likely to prosper and the world will be a better place for it.

You can read the full article HERE.