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Robots vs. Fatbergs: high-tech approaches to America’s sewer problem


10 January 2022


A fascinating piece in the The Wall Street Journal about how our portfolio company Flyability is helping U.S cities explore thousands of miles of hazardous underground tunnels in an effort to fix the country’s ageing underground arteries of waste.

These channels for wastewater and storm water are, according to those who explore them for a living, home to all manner of hazards, including creatures (rats and alligators), obstructions (“fatbergs” and mineral deposits), and poison gasses concentrated enough to eat through concrete.

Enter Flyability, a Swiss company building safe drones for inaccessible places. Their drone technology helps teams carry out industrial inspection as well as search and rescue missions without putting human lives at risk.

At ETF Partners we continue to be excited by the company’s ingenuity and leadership in reducing environmental risk, and we are delighted to see their technology being used across the world!

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