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Pensions for Purpose sharing our latest whitepaper ‘How We See The World In 2023!


13 June 2023


Thank you to the Pensions for Purpose team for sharing our latest whitepaper ‘How We See The World In 2023’! 🌍 💚

ICYMI – this piece outlines the ways we can harness purposeful and principled investment to face the challenges of creating a sustainable world. In it, we’ve compiled a selection of real-world examples from across our portfolio companies to demonstrate these principles in action. Among them are:

♻️ How To Be Resource Efficient with Shippeo, Wirepas, Vulog & Zeelo
♻️ How To Attend To Your Impact with Normative, Net Purpose & Fairly Made
♻️ How To Not Waste with Phenix & The Modern Milkman
♻️ How To Consider Other’s Welfare with Flyability & Fairly Made

Download the paper in full to explore all these themes and more HERE.