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ETF Digest

Measuring biodiversity impact: Individual KPIs versus ESG ratings


12 March 2024


In our interconnected world, we are becoming increasingly aware of the crucial role that biodiversity plays in maintaining the health and balance of our planet. However, understanding the importance of biodiversity is one thing – measuring its impact is another. 🌏

How do we quantify the effects of our actions on biodiversity? How can we ensure our endeavours are not only sustainable but also beneficial to the rich and varied life that shares our world?

We are excited to share insights from Samantha Duncan, the Founder and CEO of Net Purpose, one of ETF Partners portfolio companies. Samantha recently spoke with Michael Nelson to tackle these questions in an enlightening article for PA Future and ESG Clarity.

In this piece, they delve into the complexities of measuring biodiversity impact, shedding light on the tools and metrics we can use to gauge the influences of our activities on the natural world. They discuss the challenges faced, the progress made, and the road ahead, providing a comprehensive understanding of this vital aspect of sustainability.

Check out the full article HERE.