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Flyability named a finalist in the Sandvik Startup Challenge 2023 with SynerLeap & Microsoft


30 October 2023


We are thrilled to see such a diverse range of innovative startups named as finalists in the Sandvik Startup Challenge 2023 with SynerLeap & Microsoft.

Amongst these game-changers is our portfolio company, Flyability. Known for their incredible work in providing safe, efficient, and sustainability-focused inspection solutions through their collision-tolerant drones, Flyability continues to be a beacon of innovation in the tech world.

Congratulations to all the finalists – Loopr AI, Flyability, Flybotix, ELVA, Sensorise GmbH, Solid State AI, Dreija Oy, CloEE, PQUATIONS, Sirris | Innovation forward, SOTAOG, Conundrum, Mineprism Inc., Pix Force, Strayos, Unleash live, and Warden Machinery.

We’re excited to see how all of these groundbreaking solutions shape our collective future.

Find out more about these innovators HERE.