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“Every second, a shared-vehicle trip starts somewhere in the world thanks to Vulog’s technology” — a Q&A with Vulog CEO, Gregory Ducongé


14 October 2021


New for this month – our latest Medium Q&A with the CEO of Vulog Gregory Ducongé.

In this issue, Gregory shares his thoughts on the future of transport and how technological innovations improve mobility and the environment. He also gives us a sneak peek into the company’s plans for 2022. After the recent launch of Vulog’s successful Leo&Go project, the sky certainly seems to be the limit!

As Gregory poignantly articulates, Vulog’s sustainability efforts cannot be understated, “In the 15 years since our founding, Vulog has developed unique technological expertise and know-how that we are in the process of leveraging to accelerate the growth of the shared mobility market. This will ultimately help drastically reduce pollution and congestion in cities.”

You can read the full Q&A HERE.

About Vulog HERE.