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Eagle Genomics’ Scale-Up Funding from OMRON Ventures to Drive Sustainability Innovation in Microbiome R&D


17 January 2023


The good news keeps coming!

We’re thrilled to share that Eagle Genomics has secured additional scale-up investment from Omron Ventures Co., Ltd. to support the ongoing development of their e[datascientist] platform as well as continued global expansion and increased client impact.

Eagle Genomics is a pioneering TechBio platform business applying network science1 to biology. Their e[datascientist]™ uses multilayer hypergraphs to structure and interrogate data, applying AI to network science to derive data-driven insight journeys into complex problems at scale.

Anthony Finbow, CEO, Eagle Genomics, said: “We are the pre-eminent platform business using next-generation graph technology and network science to drive the Bioeconomy. We support our enterprise customers to achieve more sustainable and impact-orientated innovation outcomes by harnessing the knowledge of the microbiome. This is especially important in areas of unmet clinical need, such as metabolic health and cardiovascular health, where the microbiome’s effect is becoming increasingly more prevalent and critical.

Congratulations to the team at Eagle Genomics and it’s fantastic to have Omron Ventures Co., Ltd. onboard supporting them in this next stage of growth.

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