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A new, greener future


29 November 2020


We recently sat down with an esteemed group of global leaders from across the business, investment, and academic sectors to discuss the strategic and tactical steps for achieving a new, greener future. During two invite-only webinars, our guests heard from the foremost thinkers and innovators in this space, including Lord John Browne, ex CEO of BP, Uli Grabenwarter, Deputy Director – Equity Investments, EIF, Christian Motzfeldt, former CEO of Vaekstfonden, Vikram Gandhi, Professor, Harvard Business School. We were thrilled to have several hundred people from across the world take part in what was a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime virtual event.

The conversations, dynamic, and thought-provoking, ranged from how investment and venture capital can bring about a more sustainable future to how, in practical terms, can we impart innovation to move the world towards a carbon neutral future. The reality is simple, but achieving it is complex, and it will require a commitment to sustainability and innovation unseen before. The consensus was clear -we must take risks, we must be bold, and we must innovate. Whether this is the entrepreneur seeking to meet the grand challenges of our day or the global corporates investing in greener innovation, we must create a movement embracing positive change to deliver a greener future.

There is little doubt that we are at a critical juncture and securing a green future will require substantial and determined collaborative efforts involving the venture and business community, government agencies, and disruptive new startups that will push the needle forward. We are all in a race towards achieving some exceptional environmental and sustainable milestones. In order to do so, we must continue to invest in projects that are measurably tackling the emergencies on our doorstep.