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War’s ESG dilemma for investors: Solve short-term needs or confront long-term goals


28 March 2022


Our managing partner Patrick Sheehan Sheehan recently spoke to Andrew W. London Bureau Chief with PitchBook Data about the impact of war on ESG and the dilemma between solving short-term energy needs and confronting long-term climate change goals.

I’m sure there’ll be voices saying we need to get back to sourcing more traditional, trusted fuels, but I don’t think they are being taken very seriously. This is a wake-up call of the most shocking sort.” stated Patrick Sheehan.

As the piece then goes on to say, “…[These] new realities will go beyond challenging the priorities of ESG-conscious investors and the companies in their portfolios. They will also highlight the role ESG could have in preparing the asset class for the future. Sheehan remains optimistic.

Patrick Sheehan then concluded, “One of the fears that I had of this was that people would say, ‘Let’s put aside ESG because there’s a real crisis to address.’ And I’ve been pleasantly surprised that hasn’t happened,” he said. “If anything, it’s the reverse, and there is a realisation that values matter.

Read in full HERE.