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ETF Partners Newsletter – Issue #40


10 July 2024


Exciting news alert! 🚀 The ETF Partners team has been buzzing with activity, and we can’t wait to share our latest updates with you.

Dive into our newsletter to discover how we’re pushing the boundaries of sustainable innovation:

♻️ We’re delighted to announce the successful fundraising round for our newest portfolio company, shipzero! shipzero has established itself as the premier data platform for tracking and reducing emissions in global freight transportation.
♻️ ETF Partners has been nominated for two prestigious awards at this year’s Real Deals Media #ESG Awards 2024.
♻️ Our Managing Partner Rob Genieser contributed valuable commentary and insights to Sifted’s latest white paper: “Greeking Out 2 – The Greek Tech Ecosystem is Growing Up.
♻️ The latest episode of our ‘Sustainability Talks’ podcast, hosted by our Partner, Zoe VanderWolk and featuring industry leaders Alexis Pantazis, Co-Founder of Hellas Direct; Laure Betsch, Co-Founder of Fairly Made, and Hubert Penn, CCO & Co-founder of Dexter Energy.

And from our portfolio:

♻️ Intigriti released its much-anticipated Ethical Hacker Report 2024
♻️ Fairly Made’s latest blog, ‘Deforestation-Free Regulation: What Fashion Brands Must Understand’
♻️ Flyability’s latest video featuring their pioneering Elios 3 drone
♻️ Zeelo’s innovative new partnership with Tesco
♻️ Open Cosmos was selected by the European Space Agency – ESA to build a cutting-edge optical satellite constellation for Greece.
♻️ Net Purpose was highlighted as a leading innovator and specialist in impact measurement for public equities

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