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ETF Partners Newsletter – Issue #36


22 February 2024


It’s that Friday feeling! 🚨 We’ve just published the latest edition of our newsletter which is jam-packed with cutting-edge insights into the future of sustainability, the trends impacting the climate-tech industry, and a spotlight on the innovations driving the sector forward.

Featured in this month’s update are:

♻️ A brand-new episode of ‘Sustainability Talks’ featuring Maryam Golnaraghi, Ph.D., PhD, the Director of Climate Change & Environment at The Geneva Association, the global association of insurance companies.

♻️ Our Managing Partner, Patrick Sheehan’s thought-provoking interview with Real Deals.

♻️ Our latest Medium blog on the key areas we are focusing on for this year.

And from across our portfolio:

♻️ GenPhoenix featured in Vogue Business.
♻️ TravelTime joining forces with BT Group.
♻️ Zeelo on the acquisition of school transportation and transport safeguarding software Kura.
♻️ Basemark included on the esteemed TechTour Growth50 List.
♻️ Intigriti on the launch of its Vulnerability Disclosure Program in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company.
♻️ Normative.io CEO Kristian Rönn on the Digital Supply Chain podcast.
♻️ Dexter Energy’s CCO Hubert Penn shares a thought-provoking piece on the short-term power trading landscape.
♻️ Fairly Made®’s insightful article on traceability’s critical role in the fashion industry.

Read all these stories and more in the latest edition of our newsletter HERE.