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Climate tech, profitability and digital intelligence: ETF Partners’ predictions for 2024


19 January 2024


🌍 As we step into 2024, ETF Partners is more committed than ever to our mission: sustainability through innovation. We’re confident that purpose-driven investments can create a synergy between profitability and planetary well-being. Here are some of the key areas we’re focusing on for this transformative year:

1️⃣ Sustainable Climate Tech Growth: With renewable energy and AI integration on the rise, we’re thrilled about the future. Startups like our portfolio company, Dexter Energy, are trailblazers in this space, enabling grid balancing and accelerating the energy transition.

2️⃣ Digital Intelligence: Companies like Normative.io, another star in the ETF Partners portfolio, are leveraging digital technologies to address urgent needs, combining advanced data processing with a sustainability focus to help organisations accurately report their carbon emissions.

3️⃣ Purposeful AI: This year, it’s all about meaningful use of AI. Our portfolio company, Net Purpose, exemplifies this by using AI to equate sustainability and ESG achievements with financial data. Uniquely, Net Purpose is enabling investors to gain both a fiscal and impact-focused view on organisations. Following the success of Net Purpose, we are looking for startups that can leverage AI creatively to produce scalable impact that can eventually change an industry.

4️⃣ Food and Waste: Following COP28, food production has been recognised as a crucial area for sustainable development. With Phenix leading the charge, we’re looking at digital solutions to reduce food wastage and carbon emissions.

5️⃣ Space Tech in Climate Innovation: The fusion of AI, data analytics, and space technology is opening new avenues for sustainable advancements. AI is playing a significant role in Earth Observation, enabling intelligent and responsive solutions to climate challenges. A prime example from our portfolio, Open Cosmos, leverages this integration to create a shared satellite infrastructure and a cloud-based platform that addresses Earth’s problems using satellite data.

This year, let’s continue to invest in, and build, a sustainable future for all. Here’s to the European founders who are at the forefront of building a greener, more sustainable world. 🌱

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