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TravelTime announces new partnership with Differentia Consulting


7 January 2022


Great news from our portfolio company TravelTime, who have announced a new partnership with Differentia Consulting!

With this partnership, Differentia Consulting customers will now be able to solve complex location-based problems and access rich transport data using the TravelTime API and plugins.

Differentia Consulting shares TravelTime’s customer first-vision. Their specialisation around the Qlik technology stack means their customers can use TravelTime within their existing dashboards and visualisations. This makes it easier than ever for businesses to make the right decision when solving complex location-based problems.” – Hannah Stone, Alliance Director at TravelTime.

In case you didn’t know – TravelTime is on a mission to reduce transport carbon emissions and provide greener mobility data. Their proprietary API enables users to search location data using minutes rather than miles. The company can also calculate travel times to thousands of locations in milliseconds which is useful for creating a travel time matrix or visualising a travel time catchment area. It’s now used by hundreds of companies who calculate travel times to 19 billion locations a month. The API is now available in over 42 countries.

Learn more HERE.