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Episode 13: In Conversation with Antonis Schwarz, Impact Investor, Philanthropist, Impact Investing Consultant


28 July 2023

Welcome to the latest episode of Sustainability Talks. In this episode our host Rob Genieser, Managing Partner of ETF Partners, is joined by Antonis Schwarz, an impact investor, philanthropist and impact investing consultant of Greek-German descent.

In 2013, Antonis co-founded Vouliwatch, a Greek parliamentary monitoring organization that aims to increase political accountability and transparency. A strong believer in the power of activism, in 2016 he founded the Guerrilla Foundation, which supports social movements and activists working towards bringing about major systemic change across Europe. The following year, he co-founded the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP), an academic research and training institution at the University of Zurich.

Since 2018, together with the Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland and several partner organizations he has been campaigning for the establishment of a German impact investing wholesaler funded through dormant assets. As a proud member of Millionaires for Humanity and Taxmenow, he advocates for tax justice in Germany and internationally. He currently works part-time as an impact investing consultant for PHINEO.

In today’s episode Rob and Antonis discuss how Europe can move towards a more sustainable and impactful VC and start-up ecosystem. In particular, they’ll be exploring what sustainability trends are emerging in the European venture capital landscape, how those trends are being affected by macroeconomic factors, what investors should look out for when considering sustainable investments, and how government policies can help foster more sustainable venture capital investing. This episode will be a must-listen for anyone interested in how we can marry profit with purpose and deliver consistent sustainable innovation.

Listen to the episode in full above or on your favourite podcast platform HERE for a unique and thoughtful exploration of this important topic.
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