Vulog, announces the launch of a partnership with UNESCO to develop a “Smart and Inclusive Cities Tool”


New partnership klaxon!

Fantastic news as our portfolio company, Vulog, announces the launch of a partnership with UNESCO to develop a “Smart and Inclusive Cities Tool”!

The project will focus on the impact mobility and technology have on fostering inclusivity for vulnerable populations in cities worldwide.

Gregory Ducongé, CEO of Vulog, commented on the partnership, saying, “Our choice of transportation and personal mobility affects not just the air we breathe – it also affects how and where we are able to move, a decision which often has a disproportionate impact on marginalized groups. By integrating connected mobility technologies into its transportation infrastructure, a city increases not just its degree of sustainability, but also inclusivity. Vulog shares UNESCO’s vision of global solidarity to promote inclusive urban development which is why we are honoured to be partnering to deliver a concrete tool that will helps cities worldwide tackle two major issues affecting the well-being of city dwellers today – pollution and inequality.”

You can read about the innovative partnership HERE.