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Besides his Venture Partner role, Kimmo currently works as VP M&A at Vaisala, a Finnish environmental technology company. He has also held roles in business development and heading EMEA region for the Industrial Measurement division. Prior to that he spent over a decade in the Venture Capital at SFK Finance and 3i in Helsinki and Stockholm.

Kimmo has a Master degree in economics from the Helsinki School of Economics.

He enjoys spending his free time out in the nature – skiing, hiking or kayaking with friends or family. Tennis though has to move inside for the winter season.


Define 'Sustainability Through Innovation'


The humankind cannot continue to exhaust the natural resources the way we currently are without causing biodiversity loss and global warming and ultimately deteriorating the chances to maintain our living standards as well. Large part of the resources are wasted and do not bring the wanted benefit. Innovation can improve resource optimization through both effectiveness, i.e. making sure we focus on right activities to get the wanted result and efficiency, i.e. performing those activities in the best possible way.