Sustainable mobile banking provider


Germany-based Tomorrow is the first sustainable mobile banking provider. "2019 was the year that younger people rose up in large numbers to demand action on the climate crisis. These people are ‘digital natives’ who increasingly would like to opt for modern digital banking. However, they are demanding far more, both ethically and environmentally, than the banking system has been providing”, says Michael Schweikart. “Through transparency, sustainability and accountability, Tomorrow enables money to be part of the solution – instead of being part of the problem”. Since March 2019, Tomorrow has been offering a contemporary checking account for everyone holding a smartphone and a healthy moral compass. In the future, a digital platform will be developed covering all aspects of finance with a positive impact.


Michael Schweikart


"We were very careful who we picked to be our investors. We wanted to ensure that our backers fully shared our ethics, our vision, and would enhance our reputation. With ETF Partners, we achieved all this, and more, and we are delighted that they are investors in our business."

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