Travel and mapping software that makes location decisions easy


iGeolise make maps and data searchable by travel time. Their proprietary TravelTime platform calculates travel times using all transport modes, end to end, to 1,000s of locations, and across 35 countries. This is useful in 2 ways. Their SEARCH API powers the TravelTime search features for many major consumer-facing websites – for example on job sites, to ‘find a job within 45 minutes commute by public transport’. Meanwhile, their ANALYTICS API provides clients with insight into their business data (to plot store catchment areas, plan office relocation's, route field sales teams etc.). TravelTime matches people to locations better than distance (a ‘within X miles’ search) and returns results faster.


Charlie Davies

Co-founder and Director of iGeolise

"Before we met ETF, we were profitable but growing organically. The opportunity for TravelTime is right now, and ETF’s investment gives us the chance to accelerate our growth. When we met ETF, we felt there was a meeting of minds – both ETF and iGeolise are passionate about promoting sustainable travel, and TravelTime calculations often highlight the many advantages of public transport over driving."