Real Time Software for the Automotive Industry and Autonomous Driving


Basemark is a Finnish company headquartered in Helsinki. The company specialises in graphics and autonomous driving vehicle software solutions. Founded in 2015, Basemark‘s founding team has a strong reputation and history in computer real time 3D graphics . Rocksolid is the flagship graphics and compute rendering software for mission critical industrial applications.

Road transportation is responsible for about 20% of total CO2 emissions and research has shown that the introduction of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) could help reduce transport emissions by as much as 80%, due to the advent of Transport as a Service and improved asset utilisation. Basemark’s software technology is an integral part of the AV revolution.


Tero Sarkkinen


"ETF convinced me from the day one that they’re the right partner for Basemark with their professionalism and insightfulness. While I’m not first time around the block, ETF still impressed me with the advice and analysis of our business and strategy and with their large international network of top notch contacts."