Ministers accused of failing to show commitment to UK net zero target


Insightful comment from our Associate Elisabeth Kuester regarding Camilla Hodgson, Jim Pickard, and Nathalie Thomas’ recent piece in the Financial Times discussing the UK government’s commitment to net-zero and climate change initiatives ahead of the COP26 conference.

”The UK government has made several promising commitments towards tackling climate change and should continue amplifying conversations related to sustainability. 

As hosts of the upcoming COP26 event, the UN Climate Change Conference occurring in November of this year, the UK is provided with a unique and exciting opportunity to set a global precedent for environmental action. This would entail further prioritising sustainability commitments, a difficult transition to make, but one that I think can be achieved.

The UK government has voiced its support in making significant progress in various policy areas, including energy-efficient homes, renewable energy, and sea pollution. While the government’s recent pledges to help end climate change are encouraging, the UK has the opportunity to marry words with action – prioritising their impressive goals of achieving a greener future. 

The climate emergency needs concrete, bold and consistent governmental action to enable the rest of the world to follow. And 2021 provides the perfect opportunity to do this!”

You can read the full article HERE.