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Eagle Genomics


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Eagle Genomics


May 2008


Cambridge, UK
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Software platform for the microbiome revolution

Eagle Genomics applies network science to biology. They are revealing the impact of the microbiome on humans, animals, and the environment to secure a sustainable future for our food, water, soil, and the health of our planet. Leveraging the manufacturing capacity and design principles of microorganisms will drive the innovation of tomorrow’s products and solutions, resulting in trillions of dollars of global opportunity.


What value does ETF Partners' investment and hands-on involvement bring?


ETF Partners’ diverse and substantial contribution to Eagle Genomics success is numerous and far-reaching across the organisation.

ETF Partners is one of the leading sustainability-focused investors globally, which supports Eagle Genomics’ ambition to harness microbiome science to secure a sustainable future. ETF Partners were also early to recognise the microbiome’s pioneering potential to assist in ensuring that future while also generating large economic value as part of the broader Bio-Revolution. Their investment in Eagle Genomics has helped attract similarly sustainability focused investors, and their contacts from both a business and investment perspective have accelerated the company’s growth.

Credit: Microsoft for Startups
ETF Partners' mission enables the firm to identify those technologies that we will require to preserve our future and have an enormous economic benefit. Eagle Genomics' has greatly benefited from being a part of the ETF Partners' ecosystem, from their innovative thinking, to their coverage, and vast network.
Anthony Finbow CEO & Founder

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