We are driven by the desire to demonstrate that technological innovation offers compelling answers to one of the most pressing problems of the world
Achieving sustainable prosperity.

Measuring Impact

The sustainable significance of an innovation does not need to be obvious to be huge. Often our companies are innovation enablers that work behind the scenes. Nevertheless, we believe that a ‘smart world’ is the prerequisite for a sustainable world. This is the essence of ‘Sustainability through Innovation’.

The metrics that investors typically use to evaluate (and help improve) environmental impact often don’t make much sense to us.

It is not that they are wrong. It is that they are relevant for established large companies, trying to reduce their existing environmental footprints. We invest in exciting young growth companies whose products and services have the potential to make a huge difference. We evaluate potential, and then help make it happen.

Sustainable development goals

Smart Energy, Industry, Cities

So, our methodology is to evaluate potential.

Investing in innovation always involves a leap of faith. Potential impact is more important to us than ease of measurement. In fact, our impact measurements are fully orientated towards the potential future impact of a company. When we evaluate the impact of our companies or potential investments, we look for additionality, scale and durability. We look for impact goals that align with ETF’s impact mission as well the world’s most pressing issues – primarily as outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, known as the “SDG’s”. We are looking for potential that is off the charts. So, from our perspective, the state of the art remains, for now, very much an art. It is what we call ‘Sustainability through Innovation’.

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